The Work: My First Day

The journey begins. I spent most of the day yesterday, August 15, cleaning the cobwebs out of my very old laptop, circa 2007 so that I’d have enough space between an SD card and the SSD to start putting together “all the things” I need to “go public”, meaning start publishing my work. Here’s the short list:

  1. Upgrade my version of wordpress on my public cloud server. I had to delete over 43,000 comments. Wishing I could remember all that wordpress administration I knew. Whatever its a process. And might as well just google that stuff.
  2. Delete android studio for java and download the new android studio and flutter sdk. Dart should be a lot of fun to learn. Just kidding. I’m actually NOT looking forward to learning another programming language but so far no one is volunteering to join me and take over app development.
  3. Sign up for youtube, twitter, bandcamp, and soundcloud.
  4. Download and install the server version of ubuntu that includes kubernetes and other CNF related software. It looks really good and I imagine that it might be a good base for building a home appliance to manage my local network. Of course its not clear yet that I can use my work on the Connectivity Standard Alliance’s matter™ technology to help with that. Idea: maybe I should be blogging about matter™.
  5. I installed some needed software to start using the virtualbox “cloud” to do my local development work that I plan to then push to my currently private github account. See below.
  6. I also verified my personal github account because I expect I will need to “show my work” as I start building out the necessary parts and pieces of my futuremedia empire :-). I imagine that work will more likely be the base for future projects related to the home appliance and the personal investing server, services and app. This also means I need to learn about github pages, github modules, github actions and github templates. Oh my.
  7. I also downloaded OBS for streaming and OpenShot for video editing. The plan is to use the triple threat. Create a podcast, a video and a blog entry all in the same “episode” so that I can get experience with all those mediums. Nothing like having a mountain to climb. So much to learn.

Alright, that’s not the complete list but you get the idea.

To infinity and beyond!